Friday Finds 14 March 2014

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Friday Finds 14 March 2014

Ibiza Home Inspiration

Ibiza Home Inspiration

Long distance flight essentials

The Grand Tour or Le Grand Tour or De Grand Tour or Il Grand Tour

Whichever way you say it – we are doing it! For my partner’s birthday I surprised him with tickets to Paris and we will also be going to Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast and Rome (in that order) (with a stopover on the way in Singapore). He was surprised and excited and to be honest it was a gift for me too!

So over the past two months I have been planning all the accommodation, flights and will start shortly on our itinerary. For those of you lucky enough to live in Europe you can just pop over to these places any time you like. As much as I love Australia – the long flights to Europe are a drag (25+ hours flying).

This will be our first time in Europe for both of us. We have travelled of course but mostly on shorter flights like Thailand, Japan, China, Hong Kong etc.

I have booked all our accommodation (well except for Singapore) on Airbnb. Most people I have spoken to have had good experiences with it and I hope to also be able to comment on the experience.

I am also focusing on what to wear. Being comfortable on the plane is of paramount importance to me because I am such a lousy flyer. I am totally dreading the flight back which is going to be 25+ hours with a stop of five-seven hours in between.

So in anticipation, I have prepared the following list of items that are a must for me when flying long distances. Is there anything you could or would suggest adding?

Long distance flight essentials

kitchen love

My Inspiration

Your choices
kitchen love

Ceiling light
$655 –

Flamant meat cutting board
$170 –

Flamant meat cutting board
$110 –

KitchenAid kitchen dining

Home decor

If you like grey

If you like grey

Tom Dixon black lamp

Ralph Lauren rug

Authentics wall pot
$175 –

Surya framed wall art

Soicher Marin abstract wall art

Natural Curiosities wall art

Revamping vintage barstools

I have struggled a bit to find the ultimate barstools. As we have no dining room, visitors tend to gravitate towards our kitchen. So barstools that someone can sit on for a length of time and chat while I prepare dinner is essential.

In the interim, I bought these two barstools late last year from gumtree (for non-Australians gumtree is like Craig’s list). They were a cool A$25 each which I felt was a good deal but others may beg to differ.

chairLike most things from the, 70s myself included, these chairs needed a little TLC.

So I decided a new lick of paint and new seat covers would hopefully work in their favour. Today I am just going to give you a quick overview of my progress so far.

Firstly the tools I needed. Screwdriver, sanding paper, white undercoat and white gloss paint.



Why an undercoat? Well this baby had been varnished within an inch of her life and she also has resided in a kitchen for countless years prior to coming to me. And kitchens are greasy places. I wanted to ensure that the paint I put on her stayed on.

Firstly I took that hideous seat off. This will be part of a sewing project in the future.

Then I sanded the surface of the chair. All those nooks and crannies. No huge elbow grease required just enough to slightly lift the gloss and hopefully remove some off the over-time grease.


Yes those are lovely kitchen gloves aren’t they. Hey a girl has to protect her mani!


Then I spray painted 1 coat of undercoat. Once that dried as per instructions on the spray can, I spray painted the chair with the high gloss white spray paint. And wow did it suck up the paint. Here is one of the chairs complete. beforeafter1

The weather turned just as I was going to do the second one and so I will complete the project later (no great hardship as I will need another can of high gloss spray paint). It may also need to two coats.

I still have not decided on fabric, do I go for something on-trend at the moment or do I play it safe. What colour and/or pattern do you think I should go for?

Inspiration for you and your home

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